Check it Out!

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Welcome to the blog! I am thrilled you are here and checking it out!  I wanted my very first article to cast the vision that I have for this blog… kind of like a mission statement. I truly have a heart for teachers and desire to be a resource to other educators (hence the name: The Resourceful Teacher).  I want to pay it forward from all the wonderful teachers who’ve mentored me and still pour into me today. 

I am here to share tips, time-savers, and tools that teachers can take straight to the classroom.  If it minimizes your stress and saves you time as a teacher to allow you to be more intentional with your students in cultivating their learning experiences, then I have succeeded. 

I want the blog to be a place of community where teachers can LAUGH, LEARN, and have all the resources to LOVE what they do.  I believe strongly in holding high expectations for my students and equipping them to meet and exceed the challenges I give them; so I hope this blog allows you to feel empowered to do the same in your classroom. 

Lastly, I want to grow and learn from YOU.  Many articles I write will include a “Let’s Chat” section where I want to hear and learn about your successes in the classroom about the topic I’ve written on.  

I’m so excited to begin my blogging journey here!